I want to parse a date in the format "01012020" in R, but every example I have seen is using something like:

parse_date("01/02/2010", "%d/%m/%Y")

Perhaps I'm not understanding this correctly? But it looks as if using this I would need the date format to already be using separators (-,/).

This is what I've tried:

parse_date("01012020", "%d/%m/%Y")

And I get this error:

Error in parse_vector(x, col_date(format), na = na, locale = locale, trim_ws = trim_ws) : is.character(x) is not TRUE

I am also curious if this will loop over an entire dataframe? the one I'm using could get quite tedious if not...


If your date format doesn't have separators, then don't include separators in the format string.

as.Date("01012020", "%d%m%Y")
# [1] "2020-01-01"

This is vectorized, so you can use it on a whole column at once: my_data$date_column <- as.Date(my_data$date_column, "%d%m%Y"). For multiple columns, you might do something like this:

date_columns = c("date_col_1", "start_date", "birth_date")
my_data[date_columns] = lapply(my_data[date_columns], as.Date, format = "%d%m%Y")

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