I trying to use JSDocs in a react typescript project and I got this error for files that has interfaces

ERROR: Unable to parse C:******* /file.ts: This experimental syntax requires enabling one of the following parser plugin(s): 'flow, typescript' (1:7


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Well after doign some research found this project cal better-docs that works over jsdocs and with adding the dependecie and the following configuration on the jsdoc.conf.json fix the issue and allow to work with typescript with nay problems (until now)

"tags": {
    "allowUnknownTags": true,
    "dictionaries": ["jsdoc","closure"]
"source": {
    "include": ["src"],
    "includePattern": "\\.(jsx|js|ts|tsx)$",
    "excludePattern": "(^|\\/|\\\\)_"
"plugins": [

"typescript": {
    "moduleRoot": "test"
 "templates": {
  "better-docs": {
      "name": "My React components"
"opts": {
    "template": "node_modules/better-docs",
    "destination": "docs",
    "recurse": true,
    "readme": "README.md"


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