I have tried both Flutter Here Explore SDK and Rest API to fetch Places Photos from countries like Canada, USA and India but for all these the requests from both SDK and API are returning empty results I.e., zero count for a Place’s WebImage List. Example, if I retrieve Places Detail of Chipotle restaurant in Las Vegas through Flutter Explore SDK, I am able to access Chipotle’s title, address and details attribute but Chipotle’s images list are empty.

Does Here support places’s photos data like Google Places API or TomTom API. I see Here API has this images list field in Places Details section but it does not contain any data for any place In US, Canada or India.

Please advise and let me know if Here supports and provide Places photos and if so for which countries?


I found the issue is with my app_id and app_code where this is a demo id/code picked from https://places.cit.api.here.com/places/# and the URL I used is https://places.cit.api.here.com/places/v1/discover/search?app_code=AJKnXv84fjrb0KIHawS0Tg&app_id=DemoAppId01082013GAL&at=36.047,-115.235&q=Chipotle&callback=placesresponse which returns 0 results for images but If I use the same URL with your app_id and app_code, it returns images like a charm. How to get new app_id and app_code as this domain https://places.cit.api.here.com is no longer providing new app_id/app_code but only appid and apikey. The apikey is not accepted in https://places.cit.api.here.com. Please advise.



Response has href element : "href": "https://places.cit.api.here.com/places/v1/places/356ttngj-12caaccca8214effb808d05774a875e5;context=Zmxvdy1pZD02ZTc4NjU0ZC03MWY5LTUxNjEtYmE1Mi1kN2Q2YWY3NzJiMzlfMTU5MTY3ODc1MTM1OV83NjMzXzk4ODUmcmFuaz0w?app_id=inCUge3uprAQEtRaruyaZ8&app_code=9Vyk_MElhgPCytA7z3iuPA"

Upon clicking on href :

media: {images: {available:5create: { Upload an image }items: [ {src:https://download.vcdn.cit.data.here.com/public/convert?uri=https%3A%2F%2Fmedia-cdn.tripadvisor.com%2Fmedia%2Fphoto-s%2F18%2Fe2%2Ffa%2F32%2Fbook-your-trip-with-us.jpg&key=82A4D5BC952DDC1E315D5FEA19A35117id:tripadvisor-aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLWNkbi50cmlwYWR2aXNvci5jb20vbWVkaWEvcGhvdG8tcy8xOC9lMi9mYS8zMi9ib29rLXlvdXItdHJpcC13aXRoLXVzLmpwZwhref:https://places.cit.api.here.com/places/v1/places/356ttngj-12caaccca8214effb808d05774a875e5/media/images/tripadvisor-aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLWNkbi50cmlwYWR2aXNvci5jb20vbWVkaWEvcGhvdG8tcy8xOC9lMi9mYS8zMi9ib29rLXlvdXItdHJpcC13aXRoLXVzLmpwZw?app_id=inCUge3uprAQEtRaruyaZ8&app_code=9Vyk_MElhgPCytA7z3iuPAtype:urn:nlp-types:imagedate:2019-08-22T00:40:04Zsupports: [ report ]user: {name:Management}via: { text/html }supplier: { TripAdvisor }attribution:Provided by Management via TripAdvisor}{ urn:nlp-types:image }{ urn:nlp-types:image }{ urn:nlp-types:image }{ urn:nlp-types:image } ]}

  • I tried your URL places.cit.api.here.com/places/v1/discover/search to search for Red Fort and Chiptole and both had returned 0 (zero) results for places images. Red Fort href from Red Fort Request is places.cit.api.here.com/places/v1/places/…. Part of Result = media: { images: { available:0 items: [ ] } editorials: { available:2 items: [ { description:This 17th – Magi Jun 5 '20 at 18:33
  • i still see zero results in placeresponse -> href -> images sections media: { images: { available:0 items: [ ] } reviews: { available:0 items: [ ] } ratings: { available:0 items: [ ] } } – Magi Jun 8 '20 at 15:06
  • FYI, if this is due to access/rights issue then please direct me to appropriate team to get access to places images. I am using the demo api code, app Id available in the link places.cit.api.here.com – Magi Jun 9 '20 at 5:26
  • I reached to HERE based on your answer about the contractual agreement and received a call from HERE representative today. I was told this is a technical issue and there is no additional pricing required to access places images. Please advise. – Magi Jun 9 '20 at 22:31

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