Is it possible to add calculated fields to a CTD.

Example what I want to do:

I have 2 lists -Tags -Topics

Each Topic can have a reference to 1 Tag

So now I want to create an overview of Tags In that overview I want to show how many (count) Topics that Tag is referenced

Use the default ODATA Query system. /Odata.svc/PathToItems?$inlinecount=allpages&$top=50&$skip=0&orderby=CreationDate&metadata=no&$select=Id,Index,Path,Name,DisplayName,CreatedBy/Id,CreatedBy/DisplayName,CalculatedFieldCountTopics&$expand=CreatedBy

Is something like this possible? I know I can write a custom ODATA Function to get the result I want, but then I lose all the flexibility from the default system like $skip $orderby $select...

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