I'm learning react.

I understand how to share methods between classes with react.

But i'm wondering how it React does it. From the code below, I am wondering how it calls to the handleClick method, how does it bind the this (Board) to the function so when it's called in Square class it points to the Board class and we can set it's state property and such.

In this code below, it sends the Square class an onClick property with an arrow function that contains the Board class method handleClick(i).

When the Square class render method is called, this.props.onClick is passed to the React button element's onClick property and the method(handleClick) inside is called.

The handleClick method points to the Board class when i console.log(this).

Example react code:

class Square extends React.Component {

  render() {
    return (
      <button className="square" onClick={() => this.props.onClick()}>

class Board extends React.Component {


    this.state = {
        squares: Array(9).fill(null),

  handleClick(i) {
    const squares = this.state.squares.slice();
    squares[i] = 'X';
    this.setState({squares: squares});

  renderSquare(i) {
    return (
            onClick={() => this.handleClick(i)}

How i tried to understand it

I wrote this code below to try and understand it but i get "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined". If i remove the bind(), it just console logs the this as "undefined"

class One {
  consoleMethod(func, obj){

class Two {
  constructor() { 
   this.obj1 = new One();

    this.func = function(){    
      console.log(this); // When called: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined

    this.obj1.consoleMethod(this.func, this);


let obj2 = new Two();

Maybe someone can see the error in my ways and help me understand it.


I wrote this code below to try and understand it but i get "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined"

You are calling func before binding this and keep in mind that bind returns a function that you need to call.





As far as your question regarding how this inside handleClick refers to Board component is concerned. That's because you are passing an arrow function to Square component.

But i'm wondering how React does it

Its not a react thing, its just how value of this is set in javascript.

Arrow functions do not bind this, meaning value of this inside the arrow function is same as value of this outside the arrow function. In your case, this inside

onClick={() => this.handleClick(i)}

refers to Board component. So when you call this arrow function from Square component, this inside the arrow function points to Board component. Consequently, this inside handleClick refers to Board class.

If you change

onClick={() => this.handleClick(0)}


onClick={function() { this.handleClick(0)}}

then you will get an error because this will no longer point to Board component, it will point to Square component and hence you will not be able to call handleClick function from Square component

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  • Thank you. That's very clear. I didn't realise. I will need to learn more about the arrow functions, i didn't realise they handle the 'this' like that. – Bezzzo Jun 4 at 12:16

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