I am pretty new to Contentful and am using the company's contentful account. This profile has administrator access and I cannot create a content-type. The 'Add Content type' button appears disabled. I checked if there is a limit on the number of Content Types that can be added, On Demand Tier can have 500 content types and Committed Tier can have 1000 content types. I have a lot of different spaces and I checked, that we have only 99 content types created combining all of the spaces in this account.

Is this somehow related to roles and permissions?

If thats the case shouldn't I have the ability to create a new content type since I have administrator privileges?


The limits you mention are the technical limits of the maximum possible for any space type. Most likely what's happening is related to the size of space you have. Contentful's pricing model allows you to choose the size of the space you need for your project and, for example, perhaps your space is a Small space which includes a maximum of 24 content types. You can see your space usage and limits from inside the Contentful webapp under Settings->Usage.

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