I'm trying to get subscriptions ending in a given month using the DB API documented here.

I can get before a certain date with:

end_period = datetime.date(2020, 12, 31)
frappe.db.get_list('Subscription', filters={
    'current_invoice_end': ['<', end_period]

But how would I specify before end_period and after start_period?

When I tried

frappe.db.get_list('Subscription', filters={
    'current_invoice_end': ['<', end_period],
    'current_invoice_end': ['>', start_period]

It treated it as "OR" and listed things outside of the range.

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You can also pass filters as a list:

frappe.db.get_list('Subscription', filters=[
    ['current_invoice_end', '<', end_period],
    ['current_invoice_end', '>', start_period]

I would avoid using direct SQL for this!


You can quickly search for "between" in the erpnext src to check implementations. It has been the only reliable source for me.

"holiday_date": ["between", (self.start_date, self.end_date)],

The solution you posted wont work because Python wont allow two keys with the same name on the dict.

Another solution that will return a list could be

holidays = frappe.db.sql_list('''select holiday_date, rate from `tabHoliday`
            and holiday_date >= %(start_date)s
            and holiday_date <= %(end_date)s''', {
                "holiday_list": holiday_list,
                "start_date": self.start_date,
                "end_date": self.end_date

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