I have to log in again and again whenever I try to push to my repository.

If I untick the above then only it works fine but still it asks me again for username and password which is not ideal.

My VS config

PC configuration:- - VSCode Version: 1.45 Debian - OS Version: Ubuntu 18.04


From Github VSCode Docs:

GitHub authentication for GitHub repositories

VS Code now has automatic GitHub authentication against GitHub repositories. You can now clone, pull, push to and from public and private repositories without configuring any credential manager in your system. Even Git commands invoked in the Integrated Terminal, for example git push, are now automatically authenticated against your GitHub account.

You can disable GitHub authentication with the git.githubAuthentication setting. You can also disable the terminal authentication integration with the git.terminalAuthentication setting.

UPDATE: Refer to the solution here

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    Jun 9 '20 at 14:38

While it may not be the case for you, cloning from the https rather than the ssh is often the source of issues like this one.

Instructions for setting up SSH keys to GitHub:

Setting up the connection details inside VSCode may interfere with using git from a terminal outside of it.

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