I am trying to use ngx-formly to render forms. (using the FormlyFormConfig Object) The form is rendering properly and i am getting model values as json object .

But is it possible that instead of setting the form fields values to model values i can set the values to the FormlyFormConfig "defaultValue" field ?

if not , is it possible to set additional attributes to the model.

This is because my form is tied to a field ids which are coming from backend and wated to set the values to same same formfieldconfig so that the backend knows which field the values belong to .

Here is the sample


As I correctly understood your question, you can add a default value to the field. For example:


  public form = new FormGroup({});
  public model = {};
  public options: FormlyFormOptions = {};
  public fields: FormlyFieldConfig[];

  this.fields = [{
      key: 'name',
      type: 'input',
      defaultValue: name, // you can add default value
      templateOptions: {
        label: 'Name',
        placeholder: 'Name',



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