I have a problem with "[mp3 @ 000001dc99bec540] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate", using discord.py. Everything works (bot is speaking the text, which we tell him), but, at the end, always shows it. How can I solve it?

        if _command == "speak":
                await message.delete()
                    error = _message[1]
                except IndexError:
                    message = await _channel.send("Where is my text, which I have to speak?!")
                    await asyncio.sleep(3)
                    await message.delete()
                channel = message.author.voice.channel
                voice = discord.utils.get(client.voice_clients, guild=_guild)
                if voice and voice.is_connected():
                    await voice.move_to(channel)
                    voice = await channel.connect()
                tts = gTTS(text=text, lang='en')
                voice.play(discord.FFmpegPCMAudio(executable=r"C:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe", source="pcvoice.mp3"))
            except discord.errors.ClientException:
                await _channel.send("Come on! I am already playing something!")
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  • Sounds like an ffmpeg debug flag is on. – Genetical Jun 5 at 21:19
  • Well, do you know how to disable it? – user13690031 Jun 6 at 8:41

This is a perfectly normal FFmpeg debug print if it believes the bitrate would be different then the requested one, which because you're using


is generally the bitrate of the channel the bot is joining. A way to disable this, while probably not the best is doing

discord.FFmpegPCMAudio(options = "-loglevel panic") 

or any other loglevel FFmpeg deems acceptable. This is generally bad because if FFmpeg is failing, you might want to know.

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