Scrapping real time data and dumping it onto a PostgreSQL CloudSQL database on Google Cloud Platform. My data grows by ~3GB/day. Writing ~1400 entries to the database per minute and reading on demand by running queries on BigQuery. My current CloudSQL instance is 8vCPU 30GB ram 2TB. Tried to optimize it by changing the following configs:

Checkpoint_timeout = 86400

Checkpoint_completion_target = 1

Work_mem = 4GB

Maintenance_work_mem = 7GB

Random_page_cost = 1

Temp_buffers = 80MB

Apart from that, I have added indexes to all columns and column pairs that I am query consistently for.

All being said, my queries are still very slow to execute. CPU utilization spikes to 80% at times and RAM utilization keeps increasing over time and shows no signs of slowing down .. eventually my database crashs once the RAM is maxed out .. normally after 7-10 days of running the database.

What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? Is it normal for the Memory usage to keep growing ? Am I missing any configs that should be tuned? Is there something I’m missing?

  • For sure Cloud Sql isn't well suited for such huge utilization, either increase a lot more your instance or take a look into a different product such as Google Cloud Spanner or think about horizontal scalling by adding more Cloud Sql Instances – Chris32 Jun 6 at 15:23

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