The environment is Windows 7 Pro and Delphi 7.

Windows.CreateDirectory() is failing to create multiple folders in a very long path that is well under the path length limit. GetLastError() returns ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND.

The failure is the same on an ESXi virtual machine, as well as a native Win7 workstation and physical disk. A similar failure occurs with Windows.MoveFile().

The long path in the code below is created correctly in a CMD window as a pasted parameter to MKDIR.

My work-around is creating this long path piece-meal. I split the path at the '\' character into a string array. Then I loop through the array and build the cumulative path from each element. The loop correctly builds the full path without an error.

I have no clue why the Win32 function fails to create a valid long path.

  arrDstPath : TStringArray;
  // --------------
  // failing method
  // --------------
  strDstPath := 'C:\Duplicate Files\my customer recovered data\desktop\my customer name\application data\gtek\gtupdate\aupdate\channels\ch_u3\html\images\';

  if (Windows.CreateDirectory(pchar(strDstPath),nil) = false) then
    Result := Windows.GetLastError;  // #3 is returned
  if (DirectoryExists(strNewPath) = false) then

  // -----------------
  // successful method
  // -----------------
  strNewPath := '';
  for intIdx := 0 to High(arrDstPath) do
    strNewPath := strNewPath + arrDstPath[intIdx] + '\';
    Windows.CreateDirectory(PChar(strNewPath), nil);

  if (DirectoryExists(strDstPath) = false) then       // compare to original path string
  • Just an off-topic hint: Instead of if DirectoryExists(mydir) = False then, you can write if not DirectoryExists(mydir) then. Most people find that easier to read. – Andreas Rejbrand Jun 6 at 8:30
  • It's called CreateDirectory for a reason, and not CreatePath: it only creates ONE directory, not several. – AmigoJack Jun 6 at 8:38

Actually, the official documentation for the CreateDirectory function describes what's going on. Since the function fails, your instinct should be to have a look at the section describing the return value, which states:


The specified directory already exists.


One or more intermediate directories do not exist; this function will only create the final directory in the path.

I assume you got ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND, and the documentation suggests a probable reason: you are attempting to create several levels of subdirectories at once, which the function doesn't support.

Fortunately, the Delphi RTL has the ForceDirectories function that can create subdirectories recursively. (How can I Create folders recursively in Delphi?)

In Delphi 2010 and later, you can also use TDirectory.CreateDirectory from IOUtils.pas. Internally, this calls ForceDirectories.

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  • Note that the Win32 Shell API has SHCreateDirectory/Ex() functions that create missing intermediate folders for you, similar to ForceDirectories(). The difference being, ForceDirectories() calls CreateDirectory() in a (non-recursive) loop, whereas SHCreateDirectory/Ex() is a single call – Remy Lebeau Jun 6 at 18:34
  • I was very clear about using Delphi 7, not Delphi 10. I write the long hand notation because I do not care for the lesser clarity of the "If Not"... construct. What is threw me for a loop is the inability of the CreateDirectory() function to create a deep path, as does the MKDIR function in the command shell. ForceDirectories function exists in D7, but it is not mentioned in my CreateDirectory docs. My Win32 SDK documentation has the CreateDirectoryEx, but no mention is made of creating a deep path in a single call. Since I am the one reading the code, I write it as I prefer. – Bruce Gavin Jun 7 at 1:33
  • And thanks to all who pointed out the underlying reason why this call fails on a deep path. This is another gotcha I will add to my list of function call gotchas... – Bruce Gavin Jun 7 at 1:38
  • @BruceGavin: I know you are using Delphi 7; the reason I mentioned Delphi 2010's TDirectory.CreateDirectory is for the benefit of other readers of this Q who have searched Google for the same issue! Half the point of Stack Overflow is to help googlers. :) I very much didn't want to offend or upset you. I am sorry if I did. The reason the CreateDirectory documentation doesn't mention ForceDirectories is that CreateDirectory is a function in Microsoft Windows, while ForceDirectories is a function in Embarcadero's Delphi, and Microsoft has no connection to Embarcadero. – Andreas Rejbrand Jun 7 at 8:02

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