I am running automation on the edge browser. Edge browser supports profile and whenever i launch the edge from webdriver, it create new profile. Is there any way I can set the option to launch edge with given user profile ?

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I use Java language as an example. You could use user-data-dir and profile-directory to use specific profile to launch Edge with Selenium. The sample code is like below:

System.setProperty("webdriver.edge.driver", "your\\path\\to\\edge\\webdriver\\msedgedriver.exe"); 
EdgeOptions edgeOptions = new EdgeOptions();

// Here you set the path of the profile ending with User Data not the profile folder
edgeOptions.addArguments("user-data-dir=C:\\Users\\username\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Edge\\User Data");

// Here you specify the actual profile folder
edgeOptions.addArguments("profile-directory=Profile 2");

WebDriver driver = new EdgeDriver(edgeOptions); 

Note: Change the paths in the code to your owns.

If you don't know the path of the specific profile, you could check edge://version/ like below:

enter image description here


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