Looking for some good resources (or tutorials) that will demonstrate the proper techniques on building ASP.NET web sites.

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I would encourage you to check out the PILE of resources at ASP.NET Home Page including forums, sample code, videos/screencasts and more. Seriously.


If you check videos on http://asp.net, those are of much help if you are starting to develop asp.net websites


Here is a nice road map --> ASP.NET Developer Guidance Map


Try this.. Top 10 ASP.NET Books


There are lots of good tutorials on the asp.net site.


4GuysFromRolla have a number of good tutorials, although some of their articles are somewhat dated.


There are a range of Projects available on the official ASP.NET website:


I recommend learnvisualstudio.net. Get site lots of videos of how to do ASP.Net best investment I ever made. $56 will get you a year. Beats buying books when someone can show you how.

Also recommend dnrTV. Another great site with excellent stuff on ASP topics


As soon as you get the basics I suggest you start wading through http://codebetter.com/

Also look at these posts


ASP.NET is a vast subject so your not likely to finnd all you need in one place...

As others have already suggested, a good starting point is the ASP.NET site. Lot's of to-the-pint videos,examples and source code. Looking at the videos from there will get you a long way.

If you want to stay on top of what is coming in ASP.NET you should subscribe to Scott Guthrie's blogg. You will both get ahead on what is happening to ASP.NET and a lot of very good examples.

If you want to explore the DataGrid stuff you should definitely head over to Matt berseths webpage. He has a great collection with useful examples of how to use the ASP.NET datacontrols.

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