I'm using ASP.NET Boilerplate framework for ASP.NET Core. How do I add a OData controller to support an entity with 2 composite keys.

I have the composite key defined as:

            modelBuilder.Entity<vFamilyItem>().HasKey(t => new { t.Id, t.FamilyId });

I have my get function defined as follows:

        public SingleResult<vFamilyItem> Get([FromODataUri] int keyId, [FromODataUri] int keyFamilyId)

        var entity = Repository.GetAll().Where(e => e.Id.Equals(keyId) && e.FamilyId.Equals(keyFamilyId));

        return SingleResult.Create(entity);

but get a 404 error when calling http://localhost:21021/odata/vFamilyItems(Id=77623,FamilyId=2648)

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