I'using Requests to scrape webpages and have encounter in a couple of instances issues with the website SSL certificate. I would like to implement a logic whereas the first request is done with verify=true but if there is a SSLError(SSLCertVerificationError(1, '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] then it retries with verify=false.

Here is my initial code, what I'm struggling with is catching the error and passing it to the retry function.

r = requests_retry_session().get(url,  headers=headers, timeout=10)
def requests_retry_session(
        backoff_factor= 10,
        status_forcelist=(500, 502, 504),
    session = session or requests.Session()
    retry = Retry(
    adapter = HTTPAdapter(max_retries=retry)
    session.mount('http://', adapter)
    session.mount('https://', adapter)
#IF SSLERROR set verify to false
    session.verify = False
    return session
  • Wrap the code inside try:.. except:.. block and retry by setting verify to False on error. – sushanth Jun 8 '20 at 8:34
  • From the security point of view it does not make any difference if you fall back to an unverified connection or if you allow unverified connections in the first place. – Klaus D. Jun 8 '20 at 8:35
  • @KlausD. That's very interesting. I've been reading that you should use an unverified connection only if really necessary. So I was thinking to use it as fallback instead as per default. Why are they saying that if there is no difference? Thanks – Daniela Jun 8 '20 at 8:38
  • If the connection is attacked an SSLError will be the result. Falling back to an unverified connection then will allow the attack to be successful. – Klaus D. Jun 8 '20 at 8:40
  • Makes sense. Thanks @KlausD. – Daniela Jun 8 '20 at 8:43

Peter Bengtsson answered this in a comment on his site here:

from requests.exceptions import SSLError
session = requests_retry_session()
   r = session.get(url)
except SSLError:
   r = session.get(url, verify=False)

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