I am using django-plotly-dash to insert a set of dash apps, each representing an individual graph, into a Django template. Each app or graph has its own input fields to select data and plot it for a given time frame.

Now, I would like to move the date-select/input field to one separate dash app, in order to select the data for all apps within the template but I struggle to find a solution.

I consulted the documentation at https://django-plotly-dash.readthedocs.io as well as the examples at https://djangoplotlydash.com/.

Any hints on how to move forward are highly appreciated!

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If the selection is per-user, then one approach is to store the selection within that user's session and share it between the dash apps. This is the principle behind the worked example in the documentation.

The basic idea is to register callbacks using extended_callbacks - this will provide extra arguments to your callbacks, including the current user's session. You can then use code along the lines of

dash.dependencies.Output("alert", 'children'),
[dash.dependencies.Input('button', 'n_clicks'),]
def session_callback(n_clicks, session_state=None, **kwargs):
    if session_state is None:
        raise NotImplementedError("Cannot handle a missing session state")
    csf = session_state.get('demo_state', None)
    if not csf:
         csf = dict(clicks=0)
         session_state['demo_state'] = csf
        csf['clicks'] = n_clicks
    return "Button has been clicked %s times since the page was rendered" %n_clicks

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