I am converting a svelte website to a sapper website. The current routing library had the ability to specify aliases for routes, so in my localized case, mydomain.com/hello-world and mydomain.com/vamos-companeros would be the same route/component, only the language on the page would change. I read this in the docs:

If you want to capture more params, you can create nested folders using the same naming convention: [slug]/[language].

but that unfortunately does not fit my use case. Anybody an idea whether and how this is accomplishable? Thanks in advance.


The way I did it now was to create a common component _component.svelte which would not get used as a route and move all my shared logic there. The components hello-world.svelte and vamos-companeros.svelte would reset title and meta tags and then pass the text for the page to _component.svelte, which renders them together with other shared assets like images.

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