I am trying to automate build process of android app, I have stored baseUrl in local.properties file, and passing file content through Github secret, but Github action is keep failing,


    def propFile=rootProject.file("./local.properties")
    def properties = new Properties()
    properties.load(new FileInputStream(propFile))

    def baseUrl = properties['BASEURL']
    //getProperty("BASEURL", "")

    debug {
        buildConfigField 'String', "BASEURL", baseUrl
        resValue 'string', "base_url", baseUrl


name: Android CI

    branches: [ master ]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - name: set up JDK 1.8
      uses: actions/setup-java@v1
        java-version: 1.8
    - name: Decode BASEURL
        BASEURL: ${{ secrets.BASEURL }}
      run: echo BASEURL="$BASEURL" > ./local.properties

    - name: Clean
      run: ./gradlew clean
    - name: Build with Gradle
      run: ./gradlew build

How i am passing BASEURL through Github secret

enter image description here

This is log output from Github action Console

enter image description here

  • You have probably placed local.properties not at the root of your project when you created it in github actions. Can you do echo BASEURL="$BASEURL" > ./local.properties, can you also run ls -al to see the layout of the files
    – smac89
    Commented Jun 9, 2020 at 17:24
  • i checked local.properties file is in root of the project, @smac89
    – Jitu
    Commented Jun 10, 2020 at 4:59

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I solved my problem, I was passing wrongly argument from Github secret, it should be like


and also i was doing wrong in action file, instead of ./gradlew build it should be

./gradlew assembleDebug --stacktrace

then only it will invoke below part from build.gradle and replace the BaseUrl with new value from local.properties

debug {
            buildConfigField 'String', "BASEURL", baseUrl
            resValue 'string', "base_url", baseUrl

I also used https://github.com/juliangruber/read-file-action to see the content of the local.properties and verified everything is fine in this file or not.

  • it does seem to be like \"fakeapi.com\" ??? (please note the ' "\ ' in the answer). Commented Sep 12, 2023 at 18:27

I used below command and its worked . Don't need to consider \

run: echo 'apiKey=${{ secrets.API_KEY }}' > ./local.properties

And secret key API_KEY value was stored like "*******"

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