Within an Angular Formly (angularjs) form - I have two spans that I want to switch on a model property condition. Whilst the search text disappears to show the spinner, it subsequently shows both momentarily before the spinner disappears.

I initially tried ng-hide and ng-show:

<span ng-hide="model.validatingRegistration">Search</span>
<i class="fa fa-spinner fa-spin" ng-show="model.validatingRegistration"></i>

I tried changing the markup to use ng-switch but even that is showing both at the same time when it transitions back to the original state.

<span ng-switch="model.validatingRegistration">
    <span class="animate-switch" ng-switch-when="false">Search</span> 
    <i class="animate-switch fa fa-spinner fa-spin" ng-switch-when="true"></i>

I tried using css to set a transition time of 0s but maybe I'm targetting it wrong in the css, or have used the wrong markup for this to work.

.animate-switch.ng-animate {
    transition-duration: 0s;

I also tried targetting with

[ng-switch-when] {
transition-duration: 0s;

Update - ng-if is producing the same transition issue where both show momentarily. enter image description here

  • try to replace it with ng-if but adding a complete condition like ng-if="model.validatingRegistration === false" – FarukT Jun 10 at 8:02
  • @FarukT unfortunately with the transition both states are still showing at the same time momentarily. So same result as my other two attempts. – Jen Jun 10 at 23:38


.ng-leave { display:none !important; }

to my css seems to have done the trick.

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