I want to create invoice through REST. I sent all the required parameters but it's showing me "The resource you are looking for is not available".

The endpoint I have used "http://mydomain.amazonaws.com/api/resource/Sales Invoice". Kindly help me. Sorry for my poor English.

  "naming_series": "SINV-ST",
  "customer": "Ayan Bera",
  "customer_name": "Ayan Bera",
  "is_pos": "1",
  "company": "Succeed Technologies",
  "posting_date": "2017-12-23",
  "due_date": "2017-12-23",
  "currency": "INR",
  "selling_price_list": "Standard Selling",
  "price_list_currency": "INR",
  "discount_amount": 0,
  "apply_discount_on": "Grand Total",
  "cash_bank_account": "Cash - ST",
  "write_off_amount": 0,
  "debit_to": "Accounts Receivable - ST",
  "remarks": "via b2b mobile app",
  "customer_group": "Individual",
  "submit_on_creation": 1,
  "against_income_account": "Accounts Receivable - ST",
  "paid_amount": 360,
  "mode_of_payment": "Cash",
  "is_opening": "No",
  "status": "Paid",
  "amount_received": "360",
  "amount_returned": "0.0",
  "update_stock": 1,
  "items": [{
  "item_code": "f-r-02",
  "item_name": "Orange",
  "qty": "2",
  "rate": "80.0",
  "expense_account": "Accounts Receivable - ST",
  "cost_center": "Main - ST",
  "warehouse": "All Warehouses - ST",
  "parenttype": "SalesInvoice",
  "parentfield": "items"
  }, {
  "cost_center": "Main - ST",
  "qty": "2",
  "warehouse": "All Warehouses - ST",
  "item_code": "f-r-01",
  "item_name": "Orange Big",
  "rate": "100.0",
  "expense_account": "Accounts Receivable - ST",
  "parenttype": "Sales Invoice",
  "parentfield": "items",
  "base_paid_amount": 360
  "payments": [{
        "mode_of_payment": "Cash",
        "amount": 360,
        "account": "Cash - ST",
        "base_amount": 360
  • Please post the full response with error code – Rushabh Mehta 2 days ago

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