Could someone demonstrate writing a file to IPFS via the HTTP API (/files/write) and Python?

My code is getting messier every time I modify it.


def api(*argv, **kwargs):
    url = ""
    for arg in argv:
        arg = arg.replace(" ", "/")
        if arg[:-1] != "/":
            arg += "/"
        url += arg
    url = url[0:-1]
    if kwargs:
        for val in kwargs:
            if val != "post":
                url = url + val + "=" + kwargs[val] + "&"
        url = url[0:-1]
        if "post" in kwargs:
            print("POST DATA")
            with urllib.request.urlopen(url=url, data=urllib.parse.urlencode(kwargs["post"]).encode("ascii")) as response:
                return response.read()
            with urllib.request.urlopen(url, timeout=300) as response:
                return response.read()
        return b"""{"ERROR": "CANNOT CONNECT TO IPFS!"}"""
class file(object):

    def __init__(self, p):
        self.p = p
        if self.p[0] != "/":
            self.p = "/" + self.p

    def read(self):
        return api("files", "read", arg=self.p).decode()

    def write(self, s, *argv):
        if argv:
            return api("files", "write", arg=self.p, offset=str(argv[0]), create="True", parents="True", post={"Data": s})
            return api("files", "write", arg=self.p, truncate="True", create="True", parents="True", post={"Data": s})

file.read() works perfectly. But file.write() is being a pain in the rear.

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Here's a minimal example to write a file via the /files/write HTTP API in Python:

import requests, urllib

NODE = "http://localhost:5001"
FILE_PATH = "./example" # path to file you're trying to add
MFS_PATH = "/example"   # mfs path you're trying to write to

response = requests.post(NODE+"/api/v0/files/write?arg=%s&create=true" % urllib.parse.quote(MFS_PATH), files={FILE_PATH:open(FILE_PATH, 'rb')})
  • make sure ipfs daemon is running

    ipfs init ipfs daemon

  • your url endpoint is wrong. If you check documentaion, for adding file, url should be

    url = ""
  • create a function to upload so u can use this logic in other parts of your project:

    def add_to_ipfs(filepath):
      from pathlib import Path
      import requests
      # rb means open in binary. read binary
      with Path(filepath).open("rb") as fp:
          # we need to make post request to this endpoint.
          url = ""
          # check the response object
          response = requests.post(url, files={"file": image_binary})
           # "./img/myImage.png" -> "myImage.png" split by "/" into array, take the last element 
          print("image uri on ipfs",image_uri)
          return image_uri

this is the Response type from ipfs

  "Bytes": "<int64>",
  "Hash": "<string>",
  "Name": "<string>",
  "Size": "<string>"

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