This variable usually comes from the ini config first and the default value could be retrieved by using the ini_get('phalcon.orm.events') method but would only give you the default one.

Since those settings can be overwritten (using Model::set(['events' => true])) as an example. In phalcon code (Zephir) they would do: globals_set("orm.events", disableEvents); to modify it and globals_get("orm.events"); to retrieve it.

Unfortunately those two globals_get/globals_set method are not defined on the PHP side and I would like to figure out how to retreive the altered value of "phalcon.orm.events".

As a reference, this is what I'm trying to achieve in PHP: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/blob/master/phalcon/Mvc/Model.zep#L1167

  • Those settings are not stored in $GLOBALS neither. – user1855153 Jun 10 at 13:41

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