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What's the correct way of making radio buttons that are related to a certain question in Ruby on Rails? At the moment I have:

<div class="form_row">
    <label for="theme">Theme:</label>
    <br><%= radio_button_tag 'theme', 'plain', true %> Plain
    <br><%= radio_button_tag 'theme', 'desert' %> Desert
    <br><%= radio_button_tag 'theme', 'green' %> Green
    <br><%= radio_button_tag 'theme', 'corporate' %> Corporate
    <br><%= radio_button_tag 'theme', 'funky' %> Funky

I also want to be able to automatically check the previously selected items (if this form was re-loaded). How would I load the params into the default value of these?


As in this previous post, with a slight twist:

<div class="form_row">
    <label for="theme">Theme:</label>
    <% [ 'plain', 'desert', 'green', 'corporate', 'funky' ].each do |theme| %>
      <br><%= radio_button_tag 'theme', theme, @theme == theme %>
      <%= theme.humanize %>
    <% end %>


@theme = params[:theme]
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    You could simplify [ 'plain', 'desert', 'green', 'corporate', 'funky' ] to %w(plain desert green corporate funky)
    – gabe
    Jul 17 '15 at 22:24

Same as V's, but has associated labels with each radio button. Clicking the label checks the radio button.

<div class="form_row">
  <% [ 'plain', 'desert', 'green', 'corporate', 'funky' ].each do |theme| %>
    <br><%= radio_button_tag 'theme', theme, @theme == theme %>
    <%= label_tag "theme_#{theme}", theme.humanize %>
  <% end %>
  • Using label_tag helps improve the UX :) May 13 '17 at 14:48

Using Haml, getting rid of needless br tags, and nesting inputs within label so that they may be selected without matching labels to ids. Also using form_for. I would consider this to be following best practices.

= form_for current_user do |form|
    %label Theme:
    - [ 'plain', 'desert', 'green', 'corporate', 'funky' ].each do |theme|
        = form.radio_button(:theme, theme)
        = theme.humanize

I would suggest having a look at formtastic

It makes radio button and check box collections vastly easier and more concise. Your code would look like so:

    <% semantic_form_for @widget, :html => {:class => 'my_style'} do |f| %>
<%= f.input :theme, :as => :radio, :label => "Theme:", 
:collection =>  [ 'plain', 'desert', 'green', 'corporate', 'funky' ] %>
<% end %>

Formtastic is largely unobtrusive and can be mixed and matched with the "classic" form builders. You can also override the formtastic css class for the form as I did above with
:html => {:class => 'my_style'}

Have a look at the pertinent Railscasts.

Update: I've recently moved to Simple Form which has similar syntax to formtastic but is more lightweight and especially leaves the styling to your own css.


Hmm, from the docs I don't see how you can set the ID on the radio buttons... the label's for attribute tries to link to the ID on the radio.

rails docs for radio_button_tag

That said, from the doc, that first param is the "name"... which if that is what it is creating, should group them alltogether. If not, maybe its a bug?

Hmm, wonder if these have been fixed: http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/2879 http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/3353

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