Is there anyway to template hostnames with the aws ec2 plugin? This is my inventory script:

plugin: aws_ec2
  - key: tags.role
    prefix: aws
  - tag:Name
  - private-ip-address
    integration: group_names

Running ansible-inventory -i integration.aws_ec2.yml --graph gives me this

  |  |--apilb001.core.int.ec2.corp.pvt
  |  |--core-bastion
  |  |--ops-bastion
  |  |--webint-bastion-bastion

But I want something like this where the private ip is included. I can get one or the other by either removing tag:Name or keeping it but I want both.

  |  |--apilb001.core.int.ec2.corp.pvt (
  |  |--core-bastion  (
  |  |--ops-bastion  (
  |  |--webint-bastion-bastion  (

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I doubt if there is a way at this moment (ansible v2.9) to do what you are looking for. However, I could find a pending issue requesting for the similar feature which could be available on ansible v2.10.

In the meantime, you can override the existing plugin as suggested here.


Use this content for hostnames:

  - name: 'private-ip-address'
    separator: '_'
    prefix: 'tag:Name'

sample output: myNameTag_myPrivate_ip

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