I have an issue how to properly bind in two-way a password in PasswordBox. My current solution almost works. Issue with it is that cursor during typing stays at beginning, doesn't go with text at the end. Typing 12345, my View Model receives value 54321.

I'm using WFP and XAML. Code behind of view looks like this:

Observable.FromEventPattern(SecretKey, nameof(SecretKey.PasswordChanged))
    .Subscribe(evt => ViewModel.SecretKey = SecretKey.Password)

this.OneWayBind(ViewModel, viewModel => viewModel.SecretKey, view => view.SecretKey.Password)

Cursor behaves correct when one of those constructions are commented, so issue is with binding in two way, and I don't know how to solve it. As you now PasswordBox.Password can't be binded from view to view model, that I need use event.


I don't think there is an 'offical' way to do it and I'm not sure if you should.
But you can set the cursor position manually after you set the value to solve this problem (source).

private void SetCursor(PasswordBox passwordBox, int index)
    passwordBox.GetType().GetMethod("Select", BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic).Invoke(passwordBox, new object[] { index, 0 });

The 'hack'-binding:

this.WhenAnyValue(x => x.ViewModel.SecretKey)
    .Where(pw => pw != null)
    .Do(pw =>
        secretKey.Password = pw;
        SetCursor(secretKey, pw.Length);
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