I've created vscode extension with quickpick, the quickpick show list of items

const pick = await input.showQuickPick({
            step: 1,
            totalSteps: 3,
            placeholder: 'Choose runtime',
            items: Runtimes,
            activeItem: typeof state.resourceGroup !== 'string' ? state.resourceGroup : undefined,
            // buttons: [createResourceGroupButton],
            shouldResume: shouldResume

Now I was able to show list of data which user can choose like


My question if there is a way to show the data with name and description ?


aaaa            desc for aaaa  
bbbb            desc for bbbb
cccc            desc for cccc

I mean to add additional info to the list? like maybe key value https://code.visualstudio.com/api/references/vscode-api#QuickPick

if it's not possible, please let me know

for example the test1/2 is the value which I want to add to each entry

enter image description here

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VSCode showQuickPick can take string[] (string array) or QuickPickItem array as items. I think you are looking for QuickPickItem.

Check VSCode examples, where the usage of QuickPickItem is shown.

The result would look something like below: enter image description here


  • left most string is the label
  • right most string is description
  • bottom left string is detail

The looks of the default Quick Pick provided do not allow floating labels to left or right, they are all left-aligned and follow the LTR layout.

P.S. You can try window.createQuickPick, but again it gives you more control over the popup, and not the styling of the popup.


You need to create a class that implements QuickPickItem and then pass a list of those objects to the showQuickPick.

So something like this

class MyItem implements QuickPickItem {
  label: string;
  description = '';
  constructor(public detail: string, name: string) {
    this.label = `Custom ${name}`;

// in your code assuming you have a list of items that you map to this object
  const options = items.map((item) => {
    return new MyItem(

// this window is imported from 'vscode'
  const pick = await window.showQuickPick(options, {
    canPickMany: false,
    // any other properties you need

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