I am just getting my feet wet in TensorFlow.

My intended workflow is

  1. Develop model, train in TensorFlow (Python) & model.save
  2. use tensorflowjs_converter
  3. deploy model.json/shard file on nodejs server
  4. use the model to predict/classify from my 'reactjs' front-end app.

Used Stack:

  • TensorFlow 2.2
  • Tensorflowjs converter v1.7.4r1
  • tfjs 2.0.0
  • tfjs-node 2.0.0


  1. Is my workflow OK and will work in all situations ? Or should I be doing something differently at 'converter' step depending on the situation ?

    case in point ;

    a. have created a small RNN/LSTM model (tf.keras.sequential) and successfully converted (without using --input_format) and deployed to nodejs server and could execute it from my 'reactjs' and all works as intended. SUCCESS. (of course it created a GraphModel)

    b. Used the same methodology in Text Classification with RNN (tutorial) and the conversion JUST FAILED with errors.
    'Cannot find the Placeholder op that is an input to the ReadVariableOp.'

    However, if I set --input_format=keras_saved_model , conversion is successful
    Why was this case different from (a.) ??
  2. Going back to case (b) above (Text Classification with RNN tutorial)

    a. Used tf.loadLayersModel to load the 'model.json' and got the following error :

       (node:11504) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Provided weight data has no target variabl
       e: bidirectional/forward_lstm/lstm_cell_1/kernel
            at new ValueError (C:\dev\nodejs\ml\node_modules\@tensorflow\tfjs-layers\dist\tf-layers.node
    Why ?
    However, if I use option {strict:false} in tf.loadLayersModel , No error and  model loads successfully. Is this the correct way ? 
    Am I loosing something from the network by ignoring such cases by the usage of {strict:false}

    b. How do I use the same text 'encoder' (tfds.features.text.SubwordTextEncoder) in my nodejs as I used in my training ?

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