I can not find the Safari version in Setting of iPhone.
Could any genius give some clue?
How to view the Safari version in Setting of iPhone iOS? enter image description here

I viewed the website that it said the Safari version is binding with iOS version.
Such as iOS version is 13.., then the Safari version is 13.
Is it right?

  1. You can visit https://spiderip.com/ to check the user agent and version of safari.
    But I don't know whether this side is safe.
    enter image description here

I guess the function which will get the userAgent is in the below.

  var k=this;  {var ia=k.navigator;if(ia){var ja=ia.userAgent;if(ja){w=ja;break a}}w=""}
  1. The other solution is that you can write a html page with the javascript in the below.
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