I am currently doing a course on Coursera - Cryptography - I. There is an optional assignment, I am facing a syntactical issue with the library mentioned in it.

from Crypto.Cipher import AES

key = b'140b41b22a29beb4061bda66b6747e14'
iv = b'4ca00ff4c898d61e1edbf1800618fb28'
cipher = b'28a226d160dad07883d04e008a7897ee2e4b7465d5290d0c0e6c6822236e1daafb94ffe0c5da05d9476be028ad7c1d81'

obj = AES.new(key, AES.MODE_CBC, iv)

answer = obj.decrypt(cipher)

In the statement obj = AES.new(key, AES.MODE_CBC, iv) it throws an error ValueError: Error 65537 while instatiating the CBC mode Any fixes?

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    The issue in your code is that key, iv, and cipher are hex-encoded, so you need to decode them to byte value before using them with your AES obj. This can be done as follows(assuming python3) key = bytes.fromhex('140b41b22a29beb4061bda66b6747e14'). Do the same for iv and cipher and this should work. – Marc Ilunga Jun 11 at 9:20
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    Your key and IV are both 32 bytes long. The key is correct for AES-256, but the IV is too long, it must be 16 bytes long for CBC mode (see docs). That said, you probably want to convert from hexadecimal first. – Marc Jun 11 at 9:20
  • @Marc You should put that into an answer :) – Holger Just Jun 11 at 11:12
  • The fix proposed by @MarcIlunga works: b'Basic CBC mode encryption needs padding.\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08'. – Topaco Jun 11 at 11:23

The values are encoded as hex strings. You need to use the decoded arrays of bytes.

Transform them with these lines, ahead of constructing your AES:

key = bytes.fromhex(key.decode('us-ascii'))
iv = iv.fromhex(iv.decode('us-ascii'))
cipher = cipher.fromhex(cipher.decode('us-ascii'))

(Or, simpler, define them as regular strings to avoid the need to .decode('us-ascii').)

And you'll get:

b'Basic CBC mode encryption needs padding.\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08'
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