is there a possibility to convert a empty string (equals "") to null?

I've an input field to override a value in the DB. If i change the value there, it will be stored in the DB - which is great. But if I edit the value (input field) again and remove the text from it, it sends an empty string (eg "") to the DB. But it should send null that the source value will be displayed.


  readonly titleCtrl = new FormControl()
  readonly descriptionCtrl = new FormControl()
  readonly ageCtrl = new FormControl()

  readonly formGroup = new FormGroup({
    title: this.titleCtrl,
    description: this.descriptionCtrl,
    age: this.ageCtrl,

private fillForm(item: Item): void {
      title: item.title.overrideValue,
      description: item.description.overrideValue,
      age: item.age.overrideValue,
    { emitEvent: false },

So what I'd like to reach is if I change something in title, and delete it again, it should be null instead "".

Is there something possible with valueChanges?

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  • Check out this question and answer, is this something like what you're trying to achieve? The person asking the question proposes a solution by using directives. stackoverflow.com/questions/57902512/… also, the other answers discuss a different approach by not using directives – Ivar Reukers Jun 11 at 13:22
sanitizeDataBeforeSendToServer(): void {
    const control = this.form.get('nameControl');    
    if ((control.value as string)?.trim() === '') {
save(): void {
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