I have a Hanami web application where one feature is to compare strings in the database with a user provided string. To do this, I use the postgres extension pg_trgm. The translated query condition in Ruby looks like this:

.where {similarity(:content, source_text_for_lookup) > sim_score_limit}

The problem I need to solve is to get the computed similarity score back to Ruby and present it to the user. However, the similarity score is not an attribute, since it is only relevant or it should only exist when the function is called in PG to compare the two strings.

Is there a way to do this?

Regards, Sebastjan


At least in ROM you can append function calls, smth like

.select_append { float::similarity(:content, source_text_for_lookup).as(:similarity) }

The resulting structs should have the similarity attribute with the value you need.

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  • That worked perfectly. I only had to remove the mapping to a specific entity. – Sebastjan Hribar Jun 15 at 19:07

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