I am querying on two indices in one query of elasticsearch so I can aggregate on both of them at once. The problem is that I want only one of the indices documents to be in the hits and not both of them. Hence I would like to filter on the _index field in the query.



    query: {
        match_all: {}
    aggs = {
        stores : { terms: { field: 'store_name' } }

Sample Output

{"hits" :[{"_index": "products",
 "_type": "_doc",
 "_id": "PFS0OTD5UE",
 "_score": 123.057205,
 "_source": {}},

{"_index": "stores",
 "_type": "_doc",
 "_id": "SXBT3ER",
 "_score": 53.057205,
 "_source": {}}]}

I want to only retrieve the product index.

  • Could you update the question with your mappings, sample documents of these two indexes and the query you've tried. That'd be helpful. – Opster ES Ninja - Kamal Jun 12 at 22:19
  • Alternatively could you let me know if the field for e.g my_field on which you are doing this aggregation, is that field present in both the indexes? – Opster ES Ninja - Kamal Jun 12 at 22:20
  • I am talking about _index field that is included in every hit result by elasticsearch. I just would like to filter on that if possible. – Fayad Jun 12 at 22:22
  • Could you post the query you have? That'd be helpful. – Opster ES Ninja - Kamal Jun 12 at 22:25
  • 1
    So if I understand correctly, you want aggregation results returned from both indexes, however you only want to return the documents/hits from one of the two indexes. I don't think this is possible. You may have to manage this at your application layer. Whatever you mention in the query, the aggregation would be applied on documents falling into that query. So if you add filter on _index in query, the aggregation would also be applying to the documents from that index alone. – Opster ES Ninja - Kamal Jun 12 at 22:40

It is definitely possible by using post_filter:

POST products,stores/_search
  "query": {
    "match_all": {}
  "aggs": {
    "stores": {
      "terms": {
        "field": "store_name"
  "post_filter": {
    "term": {
      "_index": "products"

The aggregation will run on all documents from both indexes, but only the documents from products will be returned in the hits.

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