I try to match the corresponding thread with the timestamp (microsecond from now function), just like jill received intro message from john [739000] and john received reply message from jill [739000]

     I == true ->
         M_pid!{lists:concat([Self_name," received intro message from ", Process_name , "[",erlang:now(),"]"]), self()},
         whereis(Process_name)!{Self_name, "reply",self()},
         friends(Msg, M_pid, State + 1, Self_name);
     R == true ->
         M_pid!{lists:concat([Self_name," received reply message from ", Process_name , "[",pid_to_list(Process_id),"]"]), self()},
         friends(Msg, M_pid, State + 1, Self_name)

I tried to change from process_id to microsecond from now(). I am a newbie to Erlang. Thank you guys in advance!


erlang:now() is deprecated and should NOT be used. There are two options to get current time in microseconds

  1. os:timestamp()
{Mega, Sec, Micro} = os:timestamp(),
(Mega * 1000000 + Sec) * 1000000 + Micro.
  1. os:system_time(microseconds)
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