Trying to get up my VPN interface with sudo wg-quick down wg0;sudo wg-quick up wg0 raised:

RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported Unable to access interface: Protocol not supported

I am not sure what happened but the only thing I did was reboot. I did not update my packages. Still something apparently changed.


In my case there were no appropriate kernel headers installed.

First you need to know your current kernel version:

# uname --kernel-release

Important part is "cloud-amd64".

Then install appropriate kernel headers (I'm using Debian):

# apt install linux-headers-cloud-amd64

Then re-install wireguard-dkms package:

# apt install --reinstall wireguard-dkms

In my case (Debian 10, PiVPN) i had to:

  1. Install linux headers:
apt-get update
apt-get install linux-image-amd64 linux-headers-amd64
  1. reboot
  2. apt reinstall wireguard-dkms
  3. reboot

Running apt update / upgrade revealed that there are wireguard updates available. Install those (you might have to reboot as well) and all will work fine again.

Secure boot as the internet suggests was a false trail in my case.

  • Tryed to do apt update ; apt upgrade, there were no any updates. But wg-quick up wg0 still returns same error :( What else can I try? – MiSHuTka Mar 15 at 18:32

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