I have translated the PHP Simple HTML DOM query:

$article->find('td[id$=tdDescription] div a', 1)->plaintext;

to the jsoup query:

resultRow.select("td[id$=tdDescription] > div > a").first().text());

as you can see I am acessing the second (1) result in PHP, currently in jsoup with the .first() I am accessing the first result (0) but I would also like to access the second result (1), how would I do that?


Use Elements#get() instead. This allows accessing elements by index.

resultRow.select("td[id$=tdDescription] > div > a").get(1).text();
  • This helped me out a bunch. Thanks! – jasonflaherty Dec 4 '12 at 6:51

Use td[id$=tdDescription] > div > a:eq(2)selector.


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