I'm having a really weird issue on my Raspberry. I need to play sounds with it and I need to do it inside a script which requires sudo to work. However, for some reason, when I try to play sounds with sudo, it doesn't work. No errors, it just doesn't make any sound (I tried with several libraries, none worked). It does work if I'm using omxplayer. If I don't use sudo, everything works fine. Anybody had a similar issue?

Edit: I added one of the code I used (this works just fine on another Raspberry)

import pygame
import time


print("Going forward")

while True:
  • can you share the code ?
    – Vidal
    Jun 14, 2020 at 19:26
  • maybe login as root and after than run code without sudo - and see if it gives some error message. root may have different privilages or different modules (if you install modules with --user or in virtualenv). OR maybe you should change some privilages in your user to have access without sudo.
    – furas
    Jun 14, 2020 at 21:17
  • Typically the user running the process needs to be in the audio-output group. I can't imagine why this wouldn't work for root though. It's not an audio-volume thing right?
    – Kingsley
    Jun 14, 2020 at 22:43

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Are you using the 3.5mm jack or HDMI? One thing I have noticed in the past is that if I run alsamixer as user=pi the default device is the 3.5mm aux jack. However if I run sudo alsamixer the default device is now HDMI. Never looked in to why, just know that's a thing.


Spent nearly a day trying to enable the analog out when using the root user.

First make sure the default user (pi) has audio:

aplay sound.wav

If that works then copy the audio configuration to the root user home, try this:

sudo su
cp /home/pi/.asoundrc .asoundrc

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