Environment: Pharo 8.0 64bit on macOS Catalina 10.15.4.

Started a secure server like so:

(ZnSecureServer on: 8443)
    certificate: '/Users/meme/pharo_cert/server.pem';

When I point my browser (Safari, Chrome or FF), Pharo throws this error:

Error: SSL Exception: accept failed [code: -5]


    "Do the SSL server handshake."
    | count result |
    self resetEncryptedBuffers.
    count := 0.
    connecting := true.
    [ self sslSession isConnected ] whileFalse: [
        count := self readEncryptedBytes: in startingAt: 1 count: in size.
        result := self sslSession accept: in from: 1 to: count into: out.
        result < -1 ifTrue: [ 
            ^ self sslException: 'accept failed' code: result ].
        result > 0 ifTrue: [ 
            self flushEncryptedBytes: out startingAt: 1 count: result ] ].
    connecting := false

Thoughts? My self-signed certificate works fine when run using openssl:

( openssl s_server -accept 8443 -cert server.pem -WWW )

It might be that you are using a certificate format/type that is not supported

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