I'm scraping and having trouble getting the element of the “th” tag that comes before the other “th” element that contains the “type2” class. I prefer to take it by identifying that it is the element "th" before the "th" with class "type2" because my HTML has a lot of "th" and that was the only difference I found between the tables.

Using rvest or xml2 (or other R package), can I get this parent? The content which I want is "text_that_I_want".

Thank you!

    <th class="array">text_that_I_want</th>
    <td class="array">
                    <th class="string type2">name</th>
                    <th class="array type2">answers</th>
  • Is this coming from a publicly viewable webpage? – QHarr Jun 15 at 18:15

The formal and more generalizable way to navigate xpath relative to a given node is via ancestor preceding-sibling:

read_html(htmldoc) %>% 
html_nodes(xpath = "//th[@class = 'string type2']/ancestor::td/preceding-sibling::th") %>% 
#> [1] "text_that_I_want"
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  • Nice! Didn't know that :) – Dominik S. Meier Jun 15 at 14:42
  • Interesting solution, but it didn't work properly, because it do need to consider the 'type2' class. If it doesn't consider the 'type2' class, it will also get th wrong content – polo Jun 15 at 15:06

We can look for the "type2" string in all <th>s, get the index of the first occurrence and substract 1 to get the index we want:


location <- test%>% 
  html_nodes('th') %>% 

index_want <- min(which(location == TRUE) - 1)

  html_nodes('th') %>%
  .[[index_want]] %>% 

[1] "text_that_I_want"
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