Css property clip-path is work fine but mask or -webkit-mask is not working properly in this example.

Please help me to solve this because my project is totally depended on masking image with svg file.

In clip-path, i can't resize image in responsive views so i have only one way to solve this problem.

So please check example code , may be i have made any mistake.


You need to reduce your SVG code and remove all the g element to keep only the path like this:


Then you use this inside the mask and you do the rotation with CSS if needed:


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For a huge online svg, I recommend you use the tag ... , instead of passing it entirely in the url() property of your css as you did. The risk of error is greater. So here's what I suggest.

<mask  id="maskMaskSource" class="MaskType" maskContentUnits="objectBoundingBox">
<svg> .... </svg>

And in your css:

#maskMaskSource {
mask-image: url(#maskMaskSource);
.MaskType {
mask-type: alpha;

You can get a more detailed explanation here: https://lab.iamvdo.me/css-svg-masks/#testM7

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  • You can do a mask inline so there must be something wrong with the syntax he's using because it certainly is possible. – Robert Longson Jun 16 at 14:03
  • Maybe is possible, but I think that better to use html tag, for very huge inline svg.. @RobertLongson – Genjiru S Uchiwa Jun 16 at 14:06

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