My coworkers request me to review their Pull Requests, but I can't tell which ones. Is there a way to get Github to alert me when this occurs?

I see there is a Review Requested filter in the Notifications section, but that never shows anything. There doesn't seem to be any specific setting for this in the Settings section either. Nor do I get any emails.

Is there anyway to set this up?


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  1. Navigate to https://github.com/settings/notifications
  2. Scroll down to the Email notification preferences section
  3. Ensure your Default notification email is set to an email address you can receive email at.
  4. Ensure Pull Request reviews is turned on

If those steps do not work, check your spam folder. You may also want to make sure that a different email address isn't specified in the Custom routing section.


Some section's name has been changed since the popular answer, if you are looking for a solution on 2023 and after please see below.

Firstly, navigate to Github Notifications Settings here => https://github.com/settings/notifications and follow below screenshots

Step - 1: Go to Subscriptions section enter image description here

Step - 2: Check 'Email' on Participating, @mentions and custom section enter image description here

Step - 3: Check your required options on Customize email updates section enter image description here


In addition to the above answer:

Make sure to tick Email checkbox in Participating section, otherwise Email notification preferences section won't show up below.

enter image description here

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