I am using WSO2 Identity Server in my project for authentication and authorization and in my WSO2 server primary data source is LDAP. For authorization, I need to fetch 2 things

1) How many roles assigned to the user.

2) How many users assigned to the role.

So I am using getRoleListOfUser and getUserListofRole from RemoteUserStoreManagerService web service.

Now the issue is one role is assigned to around 25K users. When I execute getUserListofRole I get only 2k Users as part of the response.

I have seen that there is user-mgt.xml file in WSO2 Identity server where you can specify the limit. But I want to set the Limit for a specific operation (Because it affects the performance SO I don't need to change the Limit for other operations).

Any solution or workaround for this?


  • Please let me know If you need any more information here. – Mak Jun 17 at 4:24

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