I want to start the jhipster registry and the microservices docker containers on the same docker host. I am using podman and I used the below commands:

sudo podman run -d --net=host -p 8761:8761 docker.io/jhipster/jhipster-registry:v6.2.0
sudo podman run -d --dns=x.x.x.x -p 8081:8081 primems

when I do this, the jhipster registry is accessible but the microservices app is running in a wrong IP which is not accessible externally. I tried to create a pod as following:

sudo podman pod create --name prime-pod
sudo podman run -d –pod prime-pod  --net=host -p 8761:9761 docker.io/jhipster/jhipster-registry:v6.2.0
sudo podman run -d –pod prime-pod --net=host -p 8081:8081 primems

When I do this, the primems is accessible using http://localhost:8761 but it is not accessible externally using

curl -v http://localhost:8761 (work fine) curl -v http:// (connection refused)

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