Imagine I want to map a function over an array, but the function has a type not just of a -> b but a -> Int -> b i.e. the function also takes an index. How do I do that?


Short answer, use traverse.

Longer example:

import qualified Data.Array.Repa as A
import qualified Data.Vector.Unboxed as U

arr1 :: A.Array A.DIM2 Double
arr1 = A.fromVector (A.Z A.:. 2 A.:. 3) $ U.fromList [1::Double,2,3,4,5,6]

arr2 :: A.Array A.DIM2 Double
arr2 = A.traverse arr1 id (\lf i@(A.Z A.:. r A.:. c) -> 
                  (lf i) + (fromIntegral r) + (fromIntegral c))  

arr1 is a 2x3 matrice. traverse is a function that takes (1) the original array, (2) a function for mapping source indices to target indices, and (3) a function that is given (i) a lookup function into the original array and (ii) an index that returns a new value.

So here arr2 modifies each of the original elements by adding the row and column indices of that particular entry.


Good question, and it wasn't documented in the Repa tutorial, so I've updated it with a new section on traversals.

In particular, traverse lets you:

  • change the shape of the output array
  • index any eleemnt
  • observe the current element

Meaning you can do things like:

Replace all eleemnts with their row index

> traverse a id (\_ (Z :. i :. j :. k) -> i) 

Multiply an element by its row

> traverse a id (\f (Z :. i :. j :. k) -> f (Z :. i :. j :. k) * i) 

And so on. travese is very powerful, and is also magically parallel.

Advanced: parallel image desaturation

Example from the Repa tutorial


Use zipWith

zipWith (\idx ele -> if even idx then div ele 2 else ele) [0..] xs

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