Visual Studio 2019 doesn't attempt to compile my .cxx or .ixx files. Here is my .cxx file:

export module greetings;

import std.core;

export std::string get_greeting_text()
    return "Hello, World!";

and here is main:

import std.core;
import greetings;

int main()
    std::cout << get_greeting_text() << '\n';

I do have these flags set: /std:c++latest, /experimental:module. Error messages are

C:\...\main.cpp(2,17):error C2230: could not find module 'greetings'
C:\...\main.cpp(6,2): error C3861: 'get_greeting_text': identifier not found

...but I don't see any line about trying to compile greetings.cxx, so that's got to be the problem. Changing it to .ixx has no effect. What's the fix?



  • Add greeting.ixx to Header Files. (It won't work to add it to Source Files.)
  • Right-click properties on greeting.ixx, and
    • Set Item Type to C/C++ Compiler
    • Set Excluded from Build to No.
    • Save
  • Build

It seems a little flaky. Rebuild failed unless I did a Clean first.

  • Item type: "C/C++ Compiler" is not an header file, that would be "C/C+++ Header". What are you trying to tell with your first step? – Farway Sep 19 '20 at 14:19
  • An .ixx file isn't a header file, but it does need to be compiled by the C/C++ Compiler. Try it and see. – Topological Sort Oct 14 '20 at 13:44

Module declaration export module greetings; is not yet working on Visual studio 2019.

You may try to add the following compiler opinions for your greetings.cxx file:

/module:export /module:name greetings /module:wrapper greetings.h /module:output greetings.ifc -c greetings.cxx

Another solution, rename greetings.cxx to greetings.ixx. The .ixx extension is required for module interface files in Visual Studio.


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