I'm using Angular universal with Angular 9 and Angular Fire 6.

I managed to prerender my application with npm run prerender without any errors.
My routes get pre rendered and the index.html files looks fine.

Except the command itself, it never finishes.
The last lines i get:

Prerendering 4 route(s) to {{projekt URL}}\browser
CREATE {{projekt URL}}\browser\index.html (66857 bytes)
CREATE {{projekt URL}}\browser\home\index.html (66857 bytes)
CREATE {{projekt URL}}\browser\edit\index.html (66857 bytes)
CREATE {{projekt URL}}\browser\login\index.html (66857 bytes)

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I had the same problem and found out, that somehow the forked process(es) did not terminate correctly. I didn't know how to help but use a small workaround, which I'll execute as NPM script before the actual prerendering:

"prerender:fix-exit": "sed -i -e \"s/}))().then().catch();/}))().then(()=>process.exit(0)).catch(()=>process.exit(1));/g\" ./node_modules/@nguniversal/builders/src/prerender/render.js",

It will basically call process.exit(0) in case of success, or process.exit(1) in case of error. In theory, this should also work with a builder configuration of numProcesses > 1.

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    Also be sure that you care about setInterval-like things. Commented Sep 24, 2020 at 14:24

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