Is it possible to read a file from the zip file without extract it? I want to read a text file from a compressed file(as an android assets) in a Memo lines.

ZipFile := TZipFile.Create; //Zipfile: TZipFile
 ZipFile.Open('C:\Path\to\file.zip', zmRead);
  for I := 0 to ZipFile.FileCount - 1 do
if ZipFile.FileNames[I]='A1.txt' then //S: string
//My problem is here ? How load A1.txt to memo lines?

TZipFile has public Read() methods that allow you to obtain either a TBytes of the complete decompressed file, or a TStream for reading the decompressed bytes dynamically. You can use those bytes to write to the TMemo as needed.

For instance, using a TStream, you can read bytes from the file into a local buffer until you encounter a line break, and then add the buffer to the TMemo and clear the buffer, repeating until you reach the end of the TStream.

Note that, in either case, you would be accessing the raw bytes of the text file, whereas TMemo expects Unicode strings, so you would have to convert the bytes to Unicode, such as with SysUtils.TEncoding, based on the actually encoding of the text file. For instance, using TEncoding.UTF8 if the text file is UTF-8 encoded. TEncoding has GetString() methods for converting TBytes data to UnicodeString.

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