I have two entities , Produit and Projet. Produit is related to Projet with the relationship manyToOne I am trying to get all the Products with the same ProjetId so i've created in ProduitResource the fucntion:

    public ResponseEntity<List<ProduitDTO>> getAllProjetProducts(@PathVariable Long id,Pageable pageable) {
        log.debug("REST request to get a page of Produits");
        Page<ProduitDTO> page = produitService.findAllByProjetProducts(id,pageable);
       HttpHeaders headers = PaginationUtil.generatePaginationHttpHeaders(ServletUriComponentsBuilder.fromCurrentRequest(), page);
        return ResponseEntity.ok().headers(headers).body(page.getContent());
in produitService

     * Get all the produits.
     * @param pageable the pagination information.
     * @param id the id of the entity.
     * @return the list of entities.
    Page<ProduitDTO> findAllByProjetProducts(Long id,Pageable pageable);

and in ProduitRepository:
@Query("from ProduitDTO WHERE projetId = ?1")
    Page<ProduitDTO> findAllByProjectId(Long id,Pageable pageable);
but when i add to ProduitServiceImp 
    public Page<ProduitDTO> findAllByProjectProducts(Long id, Pageable pageable) {

       return produitRepository.findAllByProjectId(id, pageable).map(produitMapper::toDto);


Following is the error I am getting :"type mismatche , cannot convert from Page to Page!!"

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    I have tried my best to edit your question. Please take some time to read the article here- stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask and edit your post by providing more details on your problem statement and situation. – bp41 Jun 19 at 19:47
  • Make sure you are using org.springframework.data.domain.Page everywhere – Eklavya Jun 20 at 9:04

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