I have a Spring Boot + Angular app that I'm deploying with JHipster and Keycloak, and I'm having an issue with User Authentication with Keycloak. On the web service I have a login service that's meant to take in a request and redirect it to the OIDC authentication, but it seems that when the request is sent through keycloak, the URL is rewritten. This causes a bad URL call that results in an Error 404 response. Does anyone know what might be the solution to this issue?

Here's a sample of the loginservice that forms the redirect URI:

        // if on platform1
        if( location.hostname !== "localhost"){
            location.href = '//' + location.hostname + port + '/portal/oauth2/authorization/oidc';
            location.href = '//' + location.hostname + port + '/oauth2/authorization/oidc';

The running instance should send a URL redirect to /portal/oauth2/authorization/oidc, but it doesn't and instead sends to /oauth2/authorization/oidc. Following the request/response in real time shows that the app sends the correct URL to redirect, but the keycloak connection returns a malformed URL to the client

I've added the /portal/, /portal/login and /portal/oauth2 as valid redirect URIs in keycloak realms > clients configuration

We've added a SecurityConfiguration class in Spring Boot to add the redirect URI

    PasswordEncoder passwordEncoder() {
        return PasswordEncoderFactories.createDelegatingPasswordEncoder();

    protected void configure(ClientDetailsServiceConfigurer clients) {

Even when we manually put in the correct URL, as in the redirect_uri has /portal in it, the next page it brings you to is an error 404

Any help in solving this problem would be appreciated

  • Are you sure that client configuration is proper at the keycloak server? Check the client's redirect url property in keycloak server. – Bala Jun 26 at 9:59
  • Are you deploying in a tomcat/app server? Wondering what the context path /portal is. – atomfrede Jun 26 at 18:12

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