such SQL like

SELECT empno, deptno, 
COUNT(*) OVER (PARTITION BY deptno) DEPT_COUNT FROM emp WHERE deptno IN (20, 30);

is very useful.

I just wonder if in H2, how do we implement the similiar function? Maybe creating a java procedure will work. But will this function be inside the roadmap of H2 database?

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There is no support for windowing functions in H2.

This has been discussed recently in the H2 forum:


  • That's true, H2 doesn't currently support window functions. So the workaround is: select empno, deptno, (select count(*) from emp e2 where e2.deptno=e.deptno) dept_count from emp e where deptno in (20, 30); Jun 6, 2011 at 11:47
  • Very nice and rapid answer. I have read the content in the link. In my work, without windowing functions, I have to use subqueries which makes SQL much complex and error prone.
    – Clark Bao
    Jun 7, 2011 at 16:07

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